Cute Country Cavoodles

About Us

We have been responsibly breeding Cavoodles for over 20 years focusing on happy temperaments and quality, proven genetics.

We Have One Goal

To provide the highest quality
Cavoodle puppies for our new owners.

We are passionate, professional and ethical breeders of the true cross of the Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Our breeding practices promote transparency, genetic testing and careful pairing of the bitch and dog.   Our breeding facilities are state of the art including individual, climate-controlled whelping boxes for our bitches;  a safe and comfortable nursery for rearing and training puppies; and open plan large day runs for all of our breeding animals to run free and socialise with each other. 

Our Mission

We are passionate about producing happy, healthy Cavoodle Puppies true to the cross of Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels; working towards capturing their easy-going temperament and vitality so that both dogs and their families can enjoy a long, happy and healthy life together. 

Our passion for the true Cavoodle has taken a lifetime of planning and care to perfect.   Much time and effort goes into carefully selecting the perfect match to create beautiful, even-tempered puppies for their new owners; providing a lifetime of love and joy. 

Meet the breeder

Debbie Hawkins

Hi, I have been breeding Cavoodles for over 20 years, being the first breeder of Cavoodles in Perth and now continuing in South Australia with my family. As a Bowen therapist for humans, horses and dogs and a passion for happy healthy animals I have been in the animal industry in some way or another for many years.

I was inspired to look in to breeding Cavoodles after hearing Don Burke on "Burkes Backyard" talk about the amazing Cavoodle cross. With the help of a very understanding, patient, talented vet from South Africa, lots of reading and loads of research, I developed our current breeding program and set about carefully selecting our original breeding dogs.


Starting out small and taking all our savings we invested in two pure Cavalier King Charles Spaniel girls and a pure Poodle male. We genetically tested any dogs we bought and if there were potential breeding issues identified they were desexed and re-homed as pets. You can understand how it took years to develop great bloodlines!

Fast forward to today and we are now proud professional dog breeders with over 20 years experience. We are well established with proven practices and top quality breeding dogs. As a result we are confident that the happy and healthy pup you welcome in to your family has come from top quality well-bred parents.

Meet the Team


Breeder and general dogs' body


CEO, Sales Manager and Owner


Trainee Manager;
lover of all dogs with passion.


Groomer and Vet Nurse
Keeps everyone happy, clean and smelling nice!


Our professional mobile Vet!
Keeping everyone up to date.