Cute Country Cavoodles

Stay & Play at Cute Country Kennelling

Whether you are planning a holiday or would like your baby to have a few days of socialising with his/her family, we are happy to help. 

We are now offering  overnight boarding, not only for our amazing homebred puppies and relations, but for other ‘Oodles’ under 10kgs! 

We believe in the best for your family members - Book some social time or a holiday stay with us!

Book a short social visit or extended stay!

Here at Cute Country Cavoodles, we are now offering owners of our puppies to bring their furry family member (puppy or grown dog) back for a social visit or for an extended holiday! We love seeing how our puppies settle into your family and that’s why we are offering this new service in 2023. Cute Country Kennelling offers a variety of options to suit your needs including day care visits for socialisation or extended boarding options if you’er taking a well deserved break and your pooch isn’t able to come with you! Speak to us today about the options that are available! 

Top Quality Boarding Environment

Not only will your much loved family member have the time of their lives playing with their pooch family, they will also have a dedicated staff member to oversee the socialisation and interaction with the other dogs. 

We pride ourselves on making sure your pooch will be well looked after and has a stress-free, relaxing break. 

Kenneling is $40 per day, inclusive of all their needs! 

Finish off their stay with a Wash-n-clip for just $70 or just a bath and brush for $40.