Cute Country Cavoodles

Raising an Exceptional Pup!

We often get asked what it takes for us to raise exceptional puppies and how we are different to everyone else out there. Here is exactly what it takes to raise an exceptional Cavoodle puppy.



It was easy and less complicated when I began breeding 23-odd years ago.
However, over the years, breeders did and still do line breed their dogs for consistency of type [relative with relative]. Understandable but fatal for the continuing good health as the dog grows. Please allow me to explain;
Over the years, The gene pool has become very narrow, which means more and more pups are born with genetic health issues and long-term behaviour problems. 

Unlike humans who can reason, dogs cannot, so, regarding behaviour problems, these were passed down through generations from mum to pups as learnt behaviour and are backed up by crossed-wired gene pools in the parents. As far as I’m aware, a pup cannot be educated to change this behaviour if it is genetically wired into his DNA!!!!

The second point I need to raise is the “breeding environment”.
There is so much STUFF out there about raising a pup with neurological stimulation and other big fancy names; it’s amazing. Seems confusing to me, I don’t know how you feel about it, but I feel it would be confusing to you as well.

So, I must explain the breeding environment. With an ever-increasing number of backyard breeders rising, you, the customer, must be educated if you wish to avoid costly vet bills, confusing advice and sleepless nights. For two main reasons, 1. genetic inheritances and 2. breeding practices/environment.  Like most professions, all the professionals have their opinions, including me. This is mine…it is based on years of hands-on experience, however, we are still learning and will never stop.

Breeding Practices & Environment

I have changed/updated our practices over the years as new information comes to light. Our breeding ethos is based on scientific research coupled with common sense and experience.  We are always learning and growing. I will put the following as simple as I can to ensure you understand:

Firstly, all dogs MUST have a large common run area to socialise with their own pack and puppies; they need to run together for a minimum of 5 to 6 hours a day; Here’s why: 

Puppies and adult dogs must socialise with DIFFERENT humans. Here’s why:

These are just some reasons people love our puppies, all from referrals, and why most clients come back for a second pup. After living with one of our pups for 6 months, they understand what I mean by the breeding environment and/or practices that shape these puppies’ temperaments and health.

You see, breeding is so much more now than just bringing them up with a family in the lounge,  don’t get me wrong, it’s great bringing puppies up with families, but these days we need to be more accountable, more diligent on just who we breed with who, DNA testing and don’t breed dogs with mental and/or emotional problems. Most of the dogs we buy don’t pass our DNA testing nor our temperament testing. We desex them and sell them as pets. They are acceptable as pets, just not up to our standards for breeding.

I hope this clears up some confusion about all the different breeding practices. That’s also why we are transparent, you can come and see for yourself, which is most important, as the new owners, you guys are the ones who inherit all the problems.

Having a new puppy is like going on a “fun journey”, lots of fun, lots of learning and some patience. They are a 15 to 18-year companion, worth their weight in gold. Don’t rush the training and most important of all, enjoy them!!!!!! After all, that’s what you paid all that money for, didn’t you?

These Cavoodles are the best dog breed that can be trained as special needs therapy dogs for any mental health issues and/or disabilities.