Cute Country Cavoodles


We are now kenneling,  not only for our puppies that we have bred, but for small other “oodles” as well! Treat your furry family member this Christmas with a visit to the CCC farm.

We have decided to open up our kenneling services to other small dogs. We don’t have the facilities for large dogs, only dogs that are 10kilos and under. 

The dogs don’t stay in their pens, we run them all together, in a large paddock, train them using agility equipment, under supervision. 

It’s like doggy day care and puppy school all at once. It’s a kenneling service that is quite a different from the norm. So don’t worry if you are going away, we have you covered.

You can even add a wash and clip to make it a real doggy day spa experience.

The dogs love it here, it’s dog paradise!!

Debbie x

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