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Lets talk training and equipment

Firstly, halters are useless when it comes to training. The amount of dogs I see taking their owners for a walk is incredible!!! 

Padded collars are best, with more direct contact, the dog will get the message quicker and clearer, less confusion. 

Your dog should never go through a door or gate first, you are always first. Your dog needs to walk beside your leg, not in front nor behind, this position makes training easier, you can quickly control a situation from getting out of hand when you have your dog close to you, not out the front pulling on the lead. 

If your dog insists on pulling on the lead, make him sit, slow down your commands and/or start from the beginning.

For example…

1. Attention, CARLY!  [dog’s name].

2. Verbal command, SIT!!. show them, if they don’t know,  by pushing their lower back down.

3. You step through the gate/door first.

4. Verbal command again, COME! 

5. Then Praise if they do it correctly. If not, start again.

This simple way of training and using the collar, helps us to become mindful. When our dogs are with us, on leads, they are always learning! Either what to do or what not to do, it’s up to you. You must remember to stay mindful and present when you are with your dogs on leads. Give your dogs rewards by letting them off leads, for a run around. If you are distracted by talking to someone or on your phone (for example), make them sit and wait until you can give them your attention again.

Have fun with this one, it will create a great partnership with your baby.

x Debbie

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