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Want to meet your newest family member?

Please call us on 0419 920 961 or complete the form to become a member of the ‘CCC Club’! As a member you will be kept up to date with all the latest news. You can arrange a time to come and meet the available pups, ask all the questions, and view our first class facilities.

We take pride in our breeding practices and match our beautiful puppies to the best of homes. We have extensive knowledge on each of the parents and are passionate about helping you find your perfect new companion. Come and visit us and see for yourself!

Puppies available now! Get in touch.

We breed all year round, so we have pups always available.
We are now a licensed professional breeder and kennelling facility through the S.A. Government.
We comply with 35 compliance pages according to the South Australian dog breeding and kennelling Law.  
We are one of a kind.
Sky 1 x
Bixby 1 xx
All litters and their parent’s photos/videos are posted on Facebook, along with many other fun videos and pictures.
If you want to see more, please look us up on Facebook, Cute Country Cavoodles, or contact Debbie or Sam on 0419 920 961. We will send photos to your mobile or email.
You will find more information on Facebook about what we do that stands us out from the rest.

Our puppies go to the best of homes...

How does it work from here? We have a few options!
Option 1:
Place your contact details on our waitlist; you will become a member of the Cute Country Cavoodle Club (Join Here). You will receive a number with an email with a portal, with which we can communicate with each other by leaving notes.
PLEASE NOTE: Your number is not an indication of how long the wait is; we often contact people who are not ready at the time – we offer a first-in, best-dressed policy when litter are ready.
I suggest you contact me asap when you receive an email announcing puppies coming up. This way, if you have any questions or you are not quite ready for a pup but want one of ours, you are NOW A MEMBER OF THE C.C.C. CLUB, which means we will be in contact through emails with pups coming up. You can take your pick, book a viewing time or Facetime if you live in the eastern states; if you like what you see, you can take the next step. I’ll send an email every couple of weeks showing when new litters become available.
Option 2:
If you want one now, please contact Debbie or Sam on 0419 920 961 to arrange a viewing time; plus, we can send photos of pups to your mobile number.
Option 3:
You can message me through Facebook. However, the reply may take time as this is not the first place we look. We will get back to you as soon as we can.