Cute Country Cavoodles

Our Puppies

We have spent a lifetime perfecting our puppies genetics to ensure we only produce happy, healthy true Cavoodles for our new owners. 

Our Breeding Practice is first class.

To breed dogs to produce the best pup, it takes time, planning and care. There are many pieces of the pie that must come together to produce healthy puppies and to maintain healthy, happy mums and dads.

Due to covid, the demand for pups has grown, lots of people are coming out of the woodwork breeding whatever dogs they can and calling them Cavoodles, oodles or whatever suits. Also, scamming is on the rise, that’s scary, buying from websites/photos, not knowing whether you will get a dog or not.

Ethical Breeding

Genetically Tested

100% Transparent



For the last 20 years, we have been practising ethical breeding which means we don’t line breed, only offer the first true cross and believe our dog’s health comes first.



All of the adult dogs used in our breeding program are genetically tested for defects and other common issues to ensure our pups are healthy and happy. 



We believe all of our new owners should be able to tour a whole breeding facility. Our honesty will leave you assured you are getting the perfect new family member. 

Our Nursery

The nursery is designed for our mums to whelp feeling safe and secure. It sounds funny, but the girls need to feel like they are in their own den, away from the other dogs, but not alone. They need to keep their pups close and be able to relax/sleep without feeling threatened. Very important for them and their baby’s health.

The puppies are kept warm, or cool according to the season. We clean their beds daily, plus, sometimes supplement feed the pups if needed. We weigh the pups regularly to make sure they are thriving.

The pup learns a lot in the first 6 weeks of their lives, so it’s up to us to ensure they are bought up in the right environment, with no anxiety/stress. We begin toilet training around 4 weeks old. The diet is very important to mums and pups. We adapt the diet as the pups grow/develop to supply all their nutritional needs.

The pups are vet checked, microchipped, and vaccinated at 6 weeks. The mums are check by a vet after every litter. All my dogs get veterinary care when its needed. The girls have 2 litters in a row, then a year off. We retire our girls between 6 to 7 years old.

More about our breeding practices:

The true meaning of ethical breeding involves the use of healthy animals true to their species in behaviour and physical appearance, and when applicable, showing a sustainable performance. Essentially, what this means is that it costs a lot more money to produce a litter compared to a breeder who does not practice ethical breeding. 

We spend our time making sure our pairings come from good genetic backgrounds and there are no relatives being paired. We buy in new breeding dogs, then DNA test and if they don’t meet the requirements they are desexed and sold as pets. 

Our facility is purpose-built to ensure our breeding dogs have the best of homes.

We have a specific breeding program for all our girls. Through years of trial and error, we have found the optimum program that ensures our girls are well rested between litter. We will breed two litters from a bitch, and then they take 12 months off. This of course reduces the number of puppies we are able to deliver; but overall, our priority is the health of our girls. 

  1. We have our dogs run in packs that are carefully selected for temperament, size, and compatibility. This takes time and costs more for infrastructure.
  2. All our dogs have large common runs, more room is needed, so they can run freely, and catch up with each other socialising. We pay our staff to play with our dogs, help to toilet train, and give lots of cuddles. They are never alone, we are living with them, lots of people come to visit, and staff are always with them.
  3. They have a reverse cycle aircon in their cubbies, pools in the common runs, plenty of play equipment, a therapeutic massage bed for all any aches and pains, and regular vet check-ups, all of which ensure a high quality of life, both physically and mentally.
  4. The breeding infrastructure of our nursery must be compliant with what their natural breeding environment would be. The result of this is that our girls are not stressed, anxious, fearful, timid, they are happy, healthy, relaxed mums, which produces relaxed, happy go lucky, trainable babies.
  5. Consistent diet is important, once again this creates healthy mums/dads/puppies. The diet is worked out and changed as the girls become pregnant, whelp, and start feeding puppies. The pups are monitored, weighted, and wormed regularly in our comfortable nursery. The pup’s diet is also monitored very carefully so they only get the best diet available for healthy growth, for those first very important weeks. Once again, we will go through the diet with you when you get here.   

Our breeding facility is completely transparent; we offer all our potential families a walk through to see the facilities. Our set-up must be up state of the art, because you are looking at it!!!. We can’t hide behind big fences, closed doors, big front gates, fancy websites or from puppies sold from properties where the breeding dogs are not even there. We must back up everything we say.

Another benefit when buying from professional breeders is our after-sale service. If something happens to your pup, we will help any way we can. We are not obligated to, but we stand by our pups and our clients, we don’t walk away once the sale is over.

We love feedback that’s how we continue to learn and grow.