Cute Country Cavoodles

Personalities… Your pup will pick you!

When myself and my team hand over a pup to you, we have done everything we can to ensure that pup is as good as it can be. All our pups have different personalities. Some are active, some couch potatoes, some shy, some bold- they are all different! These  personalities are attracted to different people, I can’t really explain it, except I have witnessed it hundreds of times! Pups pick their owners given enough time. That’s why we have people over for viewings, so they can bond with their chosen pup, before pickup. They and the pup are comfortable with each other and it ensures it’s a great match.

This is why the pup gets very excited when my clients come back for pickup, because the puppy knows his pack is back.

It’s great to watch, the puppy starts to inprint the family into his brain,  by staring and watching the body language of them all. I see this so clearly when people are with my pups. There is always one who tries to sell himself, a little more than his siblings, to the clients, it’s so cute!!!

I urge you not to get hung up on your preference of gender, or looks or colour. I understand we like what we like, but keep an open mind, you may be very surprised!!!

x Debbie

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