Cute Country Cavoodles

Welcome to the Cute Country Cavoodles Club!

When you join our ‘waitlist’, you become a member of the C.C.C. CLUB!!

When you sign up for our website waitlist, you’re not just letting us know you’d like to welcome one of our puppies into your family, you’re also becoming a part of the Cute Country Cavoodle family. The CCC club is your way to stay updated with Cute Country Cavoodles!

As part of the CCC Club, you will receive regular updates via email, text or on our social media pages of up coming litters as well as exclusive opportunities to participate in open days or family fun days. You will also be able to get in contact with Debbie via your personal portal.

Everyone who joins the CCC Club will be given the opportunity to purchase a pup within one month, however there are many who join the club that are not quite ready. This is fine too! You can simply join the club, enjoy the blogs, secure your place, and wait until the timing is right for you and your situation. Life isn’t always predictable!

So don’t miss out, we do breed all year round, but sometimes we run out of puppies. Join the club and keep up to date with what’s going on. 

Our family welcomes your family...

Cute Country Cavoodle Blog


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Our breeding practices ensure your puppy has the best start to life...



For the last 20 years, we have been practising ethical breeding which means we don’t line breed, only offer the first true cross and believe our dog’s health comes first.



All of the adult dogs used in our breeding program are genetically tested for defects and other common issues to ensure our pups are healthy and happy. 



We believe all of our new owners should be able to tour a whole breeding facility. Our honesty will leave you assured you are getting the perfect new family member. 

A smooth process for you and your new puppy!

The process of purchasing a puppy from Cute Country Cavoodles is very simple. We offer our families a fuss free process to ensure a smooth transition. 

The purchasing process:

  1. You have heard about us through Facebook, a friend or relative, Google, or have met a random person with one of our dogs whom have recommended us.

  2. You will then either call Debbie directly or visit our website and join the ‘Cute Country Cavoodles Club’.

  3. Once you join the C.C.C Club you will receive a waitlist number via a portal which will be emailed to you. This personal portal allows you to communicate directly with Debbie, at any time. You will also receive regular blogs and other important updates and puppy news. (Please note: The number you received IS NOT INDICATIVE OF HOW LONG YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR A PUP)

  4. You, along with the other member of the C.C.C Club, will be emailed regularly and informed when a new litter of puppies becomes available. At this time you will simply email, call or text on 0419920961 and book in a time to come and visit C.C.C.

  5. During this visit, you can meet everyone, view the breeding facilities, ask all the questions and the best bit… play with puppies! 

  6. We will take the time to explain why we do what we do, why the breeding environment is so important, why genetic breeding counts and why structural breeding is something that can’t be ignored. We are an ethical, transparent and professional business and are proud to show you why our years of experience and hard work have allowed us to stand out from the rest. 

  7. You can now pick out your puppy!

    Once you have made your selection, we require a cash deposit of $500 to secure your baby. This deposit is refundable up until the time of pickup.

    Pick-up is usually around 2 weeks after viewing time. The balance is to be paid in full BEFORE the pick-up date.

Picking up your puppy:

On pick-up day we will take you through your comprehensive ‘PUPPY FILE’ and you will also go home with a new ‘PUPPY PACK’

The puppy file:

Your puppy file will contain the items listed below, and we will go through all of these in detail with you before you take your puppy home!

This file contains everything you need to begin a healthy journey with your new family member and is packed full with 25 years’ worth of experience and expertise. You will also have access to professional support and advice after you have taken your puppy- this is great piece of mind and a valuable bonus!

  • Comprehensive vet check that is unique to C.C.C. It has been especially designed by us to include structural soundness, as well as the standard health check.

  • Registration papers for South Australia and Australia wide.

  • Up to date information on things such as housing, training tips, health tips and diet sheets.

  • Vaccination certificate and microchip numbers.

The puppy pack:

Every puppy goes home with a new puppy pack. Each pack contains the following:

  • Chewy toy and blanket smelling of Mum

  • Puppy pads, shampoo and deodorant spray

  • Dog kibble

  • Wet food