Cute Country Cavoodles


Dogs growing up in a pack of their own is important. We as their owners do fulfill that need well, however they do need to run with other dogs sometimes, it’s good for them. I know we all have time restraints, budget restraints as well, so please don’t  feel inadequate if you can’t do these things, they are just suggestions, that’s all.  

Doggy day care is a wonderful idea, if you can take your dog, I highly recommend it.

Having a second dog as a companion is the best, however not all have the room ect for another dog, I know. But it is a good idea if you can.

Dog parks are wonderful, except, some owners are not mindful of their dogs’ behaviour when in  a group, so be on your guard for aggressive dogs.  

Puppy school is a must. Some of the training ideas presented at these schools, as I have discussed before, are not always common sense, so use yours!!!! 

The best way is to be friends with other dogs. You might even offer to walk other dogs, and you can take turns with other owners you trust.

Playing in the back yard is great, this gets us up off the lounge and active. Dogs tend to do that, make us live a little more, no matter how old we are.

The important thing is to get your dog out there, as much as possible. Cafes, beach, river, friends… your baby is part of your family, let them meet other people, it’s very important, especially when they are young. Enjoy our great outdoors with your best mate!

(Did you know that at CCC we now offer social visit and kenneling to our past pups? Bring them over for a play and holiday in the country, with peace of mind they are in the best place away from home. They can say hi to their relatives! We can also help with trainings and grooming while they are there, what a treat.)

Debbie x

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